Fours, Coxed Fours, and Quads

Raven Fours and Quads
RAVEN Fours and Quads were designed and built specifically for high level and elite racing. 100% Carbon High Modulous woven fabric is processed with Vacuumed Resin Infusion and Double Cured in our High Temperature Oven. The resulting shells have a superior structural integrity and strength not only in the carbon hulls and decks, but also in each of the high level Kaschper-crafted components. RAVEN is fitted with our top line components of quality lightwt Aluminum and Hard Coat Anodized for extra protection: TWing Sweep and Sculling Riggers, Extra Long Seat Tracks, Reactiv Seats with Sealed Stainless Steel Bearing Wheels, and Flexboard Footstretchers.  Fours and Quads can be built in the shorter 39' length to fit easily into a shipping container for efficient transport to elite competition events worldwide.

Only the very best materials are used to build the RAVEN. With Infusion, we are able to completely ELIMINATE the inefficient and fragile prepreg/honeycomb process, so products are  stronger as well as lighter in weight. RAVEN not only performs well, but also will last a long time! To fully maximize structural integrity and longevity, we continue to use the Kaschper Unideck system. By molding the entire cockpit and decks as single units without joints, the STIFFNESS of the shell is increased a great deal. This augments overall strength and extends the life of the shell. To further enhance the beauty of the RAVEN, we leave the decks in their natural carbon form, covering them only with a durable layer of UV Protected PPG Clear Coat finish, polished to a glass-like, and highly water-responsive surface.

Extreme Fours and Quads
Like RAVEN, the EXTREME is built for performance. Infused carbon skins over a proprietary solid core give the EXTREME a more rigid hull structure. This is one of few slight differences between the two models. RAVEN comes only in carbon black, but EXTREME offers you the opportunity to choose your colors, and our skilled painters apply it to a mirror finish. Components are the same as the RAVEN including the highly adjustable T-Wing Riggers, Reactiv Seats, and the Flexboard Adjustable Footstretchers. With the adjustment level offered on these models, we are confident that whatever your height/weight, you will find the perfect rigging, or close to it!

NX Fours and Quads
After carefully selecting the proper materials and simplifying both the contruction and components we introduced the NEW N-X! This entry level model has all the features of a racing model, while maintaining ample forgiveness for the entry level and club level rower. Although built completely in North America in the same molds as our highest performance models, we have been able to produce the N-X for sale at prices only seen on Asian shells. North Americans deserve to have an option to purchase Higher Quality Entry Level and Club Model Shells ON THIS CONTINENT! And there is Definitely a Big Bang for your Buck if you are in need of good racing boats that are strong enough for training new rowers as well. The excellent performance of N-X will make you quickly forget that you are not in a High End Model shell!