Service and Repairs

Kaschper Racing Shells has been building boats for more than 46 years. With the help of our expert service and repairs, many of the original wooden shells are still on the water today. Kaschper shells are built to be strong with maximum stiffness. They are very resistant to damage, but when they do sustain damage in impacts with logs, buoys, cement bridge abutments or other items, or during transportation accidents, we are able to restore even serious damage to a point where it is not detectable in most cases.

We take care to properly match the original paint color so that when your boat goes in the paint booth, it comes out looking like new, ready to provide you with years more service. Please contact us for any additional information, and for any repair quotes. It is also very helpful to prepare and send us digital photos of the damage so we can properly evaluate it prior to quoting.

Kaschper Racing Shells also offers limited on site repairs and service at a variety of regattas throughout the rowing season. Please check our Facebook site for our latest schedule and upcoming events we will be attending.