Ordering Information


Please contact our Factory Office for specific information you may not see covered here. We are available from 8 AM-4:30 PM EST Monday to Friday to answer any of your questions and prepare quotations.

COMPLETE our printable order form and fax to us, or call and we can complete the order by phone. Fax: 519-227-4247 Confirm shoe size, color, boat name, shipping, etc. within 2 weeks of order.

DEPOSIT: 30% of the total purchase price is required with order on Standard Purchase. Personal Check (US/CA only), Bank Check, Bank Transfer, or VISA/MAS CD. Official Purchase Orders from educational institutions are accepted.

During production, the BALANCE invoice is emailed or faxed, if you prefer.Payment is expected on Pickup or Prior Shipping. F.O.B. Lucan, Ontario, CA. Personal Check, Bank Check or Bank Transfer Preferred.

TAXES/DUTIES: Canadian customers: GST or HST applies, per province.
USA customers: Customs/Brokerage fees included in shipping charges. Customer Import per NAFTA US/CA. No FEDERAL US tax. Some states charge import tax. Customer is responsible for any state import charges.
MX customers: CA/US Customs/Brokerage fees included in shipping charges to US pick up points. Any VAT/DUTY or other clearance charges for the US/MX border are the responsibility of the customer.

PRODUCTION TIME: The time from order to delivery depends upon the type of boat ordered and the current seasonal demand. Average delivery times range from 3-12 weeks.

DELIVERY COSTS / SHIPPING OPTIONS: Commercial / Trailer / Factory Pickup: You can arrange to pick up your order from our factory facility in Southwestern Ontario. From the US, we are easily accessible from Michigan via Detroit / Windsor (130 miles) or Port Huron / Sarnia (approx. 62 miles) or from New York via Buffalo / Niagara Falls (130 miles). Most driving is on multiple-lane highways.

Orders not picked up by the customer may be shipped by Boat Trailer to a company scheduled regatta for reasonable rates according to boat size.We utilize all possible venues to secure safe, timely, and cost effective delivery.

All shells except non-sectioned Eights can be shipped by Commercial Truck in the continental US, some CA provinces, and to the Mexican border.

INSURANCE: Customers must have insurance in place on the date boats leave the factory. Insurance for transport of new, used, or repair shells, whether by company or club boat trailer, commercial delivery, or private pickup, is the responsibility of the customer/boat owner. KRS is not responsible for any boat from the time it leaves the factory premises or is released to the owner or entity engaged to deliver it to the owner, whether or not KRS assisted in arranging the delivery for the customer. Please contact us if you have further questions.